Who are us ?

The Camping Club of France is the oldest specialized club of camping  in France.
French Camping Club was born in 1910 under Francis Young's presidency . The head office was Provence Street in Paris. Most of its members arise from Young people Christian Union .

The first camping rally campsite is organized in 1912 in forest of Compiègne. In 1926, the club opens its first campsite in forest of Meudon.

In 1936, the French Camping Club and the " Campers of France " merge to give birth to the Camping Club of France of which Jean Jacques Bousquet is the President. The head office will remain for a long time in 218 boulevard St Germain in Paris.

Over the years, many groups are created: group of the campers walkers, speleological and archaeological group, naturist group, group of submarine exploration(and activities, touring cyclist groups, the Campers Travelers, the Camping Car Club. Some of these groups do not exist any more but do not ask that to be reborn.

The Camping Club of France publishes in 1936 the first camping guide with the list of camps and listed locations in France.
The CCDF proceeds to the study and to the trials of the camping equipment on the market and creates a technical committee which delivers a high quality label to the manufacturers.
The magazine of the CCDF evolves, having been called " The Camper ", then "Camping", it becomes " La Clairière ". It did not stop evolving during all these years, it is published twice a year.

Today the CCDF is an owner through France of 9 campsites . Most of them arer ented.
The Camping Club of France is represented in all France, as well as in Belgium, in Germany and in Netherlands, by voluntary delegates in direct contact with the members. It is managed by an executive committee of 9 voluntary members elected for 3 years, and employs 5 employees.

Every member of the CCDF can apply to be delegated by the club in his department and, during the annual general assembly, to be elected to the Executive committee.
Many gatherings or circuits are organized by our delegates. The Camping Car Club organizes many journeys in France and abroad during all year.
The Camping Club of France is a member founder of the Federation of the campers, the caravanners, motorhomes ( FFCC) and the international Federation of camping and caravanning ( FICC).

Composition of the Executive committee:

  • Chairman: André BOUCHE
  • Treasurer General: André BOUCHE
  • Treasurer General adds : Jean-François PAILLART                               
  • Vice-president of campsites: Jean Claude DRUART
  • Vice-president of campisites adds : Alain GELINEAU                            
  • General Secretary and Human resources manager: Benoît HOFFMANN
  • General Secretary and juman resources manager adds : Cédric GRABOWSKI   
  • Communication: Yves BERTRAND
  • Chief editor: Régine GAFFE
  • Load Animations Activites Grounds : Thierry BARRES
  • Project leadersJourneys and Discoveries: Michel DAVODEAU, Yves PERS
  • In charge of the MAYAN campsite: Robert CHAVEY






Fiche délégués

Employees of the CCDF

  • Administrative Coordinator : Régine GAFFÉ

  • Accountant : Cindy PIGNY

  •  Secretary Camping Car Club : Patricia LAPERDRIX

  •  Manager of the La Gautrelle Campsite : Claudie BARE